Favorite Audio Books Listened to in 2015


  1. The Wright Brothers by David McCullough. Narrated by David McCullough. Fascinating story of how two nerdy brothers  figured out how humans could fly.  Brilliant Leonardo Da Vinci tried most of his life and failed. These two quirky guys, not for money or fame at all,  for the love of  playing around with things and ideas,  spent all their free time on it.  They tried and failed and tried and failed until finally, in complete obscurity, one day figured it out.  Completely changed the course of all of human history. It’s quite an emotional story, skillfully told.
  2. UnBroken (YA version) by Lauren Hillenbrand. Fascinating story masterfully told, even this shorter, less harsh version aimed at teens packs a very strong punch. One of my students read it and loved it so much that he decided to tackle the longer, adult version and asked if I knew of any books similar to this one.
  3. The Speechwriter by Barton Swain. Remember the esteemed Governor of South Carolina who claimed he was hiking on the Appalachian trail when he was really in Argentina visiting his mistress? According to his speechwriter, that was not his only moment of crazy. This is a really interesting look inside the political world through the eyes of a smart writer who is forced to write stupid stuff for a guy with little brainpower and big ambitions.
  4. Heat by Bill Buford.  The world of top caliber chefs is not something that has ever particularly interested me, so it’s even more surprising that this narrative is totally compelling. I think it’s his curiosity and description of the levels of obsession possible over the tiniest nuances of slicing, dicing, and tasting that drew me in.
  5. My Beloved World by Sonia Sotomayor. Rita Morena does a stellar job of narrating this one in a strong, bilingual voice. Hard not to feel both affection and admiration for her after listening to her life story.

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