I am a reader and a writer. I teach reading, writing, language arts, and ESL to kids who range in age from 3 through teens.  For me, teaching includes using all kids of books from graphic novels to fantasy to picture books. Our wide ranging discussion run the gamut including random bits of American history, art history, current events, social commentary, debate, morality, legality, ethics, mediation, bullying, introvertedness, the suzuki method, and the ups and downs of the NY Rangers hockey season.

My teaching always includes non fiction children’s books. I read a lot of them, study them, evaluate them and value them tremendously. I also try to write them on a (mostly) daily basis. I used to run a blog to promote I.N.K. (Interesting Non Fiction for Kids) which has a plethora of information from many different writers in this small but mighty niche of kidlit http://www.inkrethink.blogspot.com/. It has a facebook page, too, if you’re interested.

I’ve recently been spending time researching the growing field of teaching philosophy to children through children’s literature, i.e, p4c. If anyone participates in this (or would like to) in the NYC area, please contact me.

If you’re in the NYC/ Northern New Jersey suburbs and are looking for a private tutor/teacher, check out my website: http://www.lessonswithlinda.com

If you’re interested in non fiction children’s book, please reach out. I’m interested in exploring other ways to contribute to the field. I’m also on twitter, tweeting as @linsalz, exclusively about #kidlit, primarily non fiction for kids. Please follow me if you do the same.

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